Tetra Pak DreamCap™

Developed over several years, DreamCap™ project started with discovering consumer needs. After a significant amount of ethnographic work, hundreds of concepts were developed and tested globally. While DreamCap™ was launched a couple of years back, it just was introduced in China early in 2013. DreamCap™ is Tetra Pak’s flagship on-the-go […]



Gladiator Garage Works™

Gladiator Garage Works™ started in Whirlpool as an ethnographic study in consumer’s homes. One of the discoveries of the ethnographic work was that garage’s was a place that Whirlpool was generally not present. In addition, if there were an old operating refrigerator stored in the garage, it was a power hog […]

Plā Refrigerator

Developed at Whirlpool, Plā refrigerator was targeting students and young professionals. The refrigerator was developed over several years going through multiple iterations. While it was originally developed for the North American market, it was eventually introduced in Brasil under the Brastemp brand, one of Whirlpool/Multibras brands. It won design awards […]